North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies

The Interreg IVB Noth Sea Region Programme
North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies

Speaking a multi disciplinary language to integrate the worlds of spatial planning and water management. Encouraging the implementation of innovative technical and sustainable solutions which have already proved to be successful.

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SKINT Water Series II: Selling Sustainability in Skint

Sustainability is a concept and an ideal that has been fashionable for some two decades. So to try to promote a scheme to improve services, human life, ecosystems or to provide supporting infrastructure it is obligatory to claim that it is sustainable or at least “as sustainable as possible”. Because of this, “sustainability” as a term has become so devalued in common usage as to no longer carry meaning.

This document is Volume 2 to a companion document (Volume 1) that used selected transnational cases to illustrate how different aspects of integrating land and water management processes have been undertaken. Innovative solutions were presented, together with organisational structures, communication tools and difficulties, as well as key-success factors. In Volume 1, sustainability assessments were introduced at a high and subjective level.

The SKINT Water Series II is a result of SKINT work package 4.

Download report Skint Water Series II, selling sustainability [pdf | 1,2MB]