North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies

The Interreg IVB Noth Sea Region Programme
North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies

Speaking a multi disciplinary language to integrate the worlds of spatial planning and water management. Encouraging the implementation of innovative technical and sustainable solutions which have already proved to be successful.

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Overview of projects:

SKINT Water Series II: Selling Sustainability in Skint
Sustainability is a concept and an ideal that has been fashionable for some two decades. So to try to promote a scheme to improve services, human life, ecosystems or to provide supporting infrastructure it is obligatory to claim that it is sustainable or at least “as sustainable as possible”. Because of this, “sustainability” as a term has become so devalued in common usage as to no longer carry meaning.

  The SKINT Water series
The SKINT Water Series illustrates how different aspects of integrating land and water management processes are dealt with in urban planning. Innovative solutions are presented through real world exemplary case studies; organisational structures, legislation, stakeholder roles and communication tools, difficulties as well as key success factors are discussed and analysed. The SKINT Water Series is a result of SKINT work package 3.

The water that buoys up Bryggen in Bergen, Norway
Beneath the suite of picturesque historic buildings of the
Bryggen World Heritage Site in Bergen lies a unique archaeological environment. The archaeological remains are among the best preserved in Europe.

Policies for river and basin management
Compliance thus far with the Water Framework Directive has not been easy for countries in the North Sea Region but has improved integration within water management. Programmes of measures have had to be developed in a very context specific manner...

Conversations in Water Management
On September 6 Pieter Lems provided a WP1 workshop on communication. The workshop started with a presentation on conversations in water management.
Watch this presentation here >

Transnational knowledge exchange
SKINT is about transnational knowledge exchange. Part of this is a transnational study tour to another SKINT country for watermanagers from the waterboard HNK and spatial planners from the municipalities. Together we discussed the foreign solutions.

Training the Champions of Change
The Urban Water Technology Centre within the University of Abertay Dundee is undertaking training with Local Authority throughout Scotland to share knowledge of new developments in management of surface water using sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

North Hamilton

Key words: Suds management

J4M8 Distribution Park

Key words: sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) used within industrial settings, concept of pipeless systems

Gartloch Hospital

Key words: the impact of construction on the water environment, risk based regulation, manage erosion and sediment


Key words: protection, conservation of surface water/ environmental protection/ water management urban planning

Almere Poort
The Netherlands

Key words: integrated water management/ deep polder/ store of rain water

Solar City, Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands

Key words:
water storage, recreation and housing/ sustainable quarter/ climate proof / solar power

Polderweijde, Opdam
The Netherlands

Key words: water storage/ recreation and nature development

Dunfermline Eastern Expansion

Key words: SUDS / stakeholder interaction / pollution control

Wauchope Square Redevelopment

Key words: water environment/ water quality/ urban environment/ flood mitigation/ SUDS

Oudenarde Village Project

Key words: surface water drainage/ SUDS/ rural development