North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies

The Interreg IVB Noth Sea Region Programme
North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies

Speaking a multi disciplinary language to integrate the worlds of spatial planning and water management. Encouraging the implementation of innovative technical and sustainable solutions which have already proved to be successful.

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SKINT – Skills Integration and New Technologies

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Floods Directive (FD) have clear goals to improve water quality and to regulate water quantity. The use of appropriate spatial planning processes can address many urban water management problems.

SKINT facilitates the implementation of sustainable urban land and water management by improving the integration of water management and spatial planning processes. Ultimately SKINT will contribute to the achievement of the WFD and FD objectives of improving water quality and reducing flood risk in urban areas.

The project is being implemented through a series of work packages. And each partner will undertake at least one regional project that will help to demonstrate implementation of the work package deliverables.

There are seven SKINT partner organisations within the participating North Sea Region countries (The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and Norway) bringing together a wide range of specialists from public sector and academic disciplines.

The project runs between 01.10.2008 and 31.10.2012 and aims to provide an enduring legacy. read full article>


Project: SKINT Water Series
The SKINT Water Series illustrates how different aspects of integrating land and water management processes are dealt with in urban planning. Innovative solutions are presented through real world exemplary case studies; organisational structures, legislation, stakeholder roles and communication tools, difficulties as well as key success factors are discussed and analysed. The SKINT Water Series is a result of SKINT work package 3.
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SKINT Water Series II: Selling Sustainability in Skint
Sustainability is a concept and an ideal that has been fashionable for some two decades. So to try to promote a scheme to improve services, human life, ecosystems or to provide supporting infrastructure it is obligatory to claim that it is sustainable or at least “as sustainable as possible”. Because of this, “sustainability” as a term has become so devalued in common usage as to no longer carry meaning.

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WaterTown Game
The video shows development scenes of the Bryggen and Egmond districts. It shows the type of landscape and the main issues associated with them. The video is produced by the SKINT project team at University of Abertay Dundee. The final version of the WaterTown game will be released by September 2012.
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Final Conference SKINT 2012
The final conference of the SKINT project aims to present the project findings and its quantitative and qualitative achievements, along with related application examples of sustainable water management. To this purpose, experts from different countries in the North Sea Region  discussed the implementation of solutions in the field of sustainable urban drainage systems, sustainability and the training of prospective water managers. read more >